Fix Me EP

Fix Me EP

E-li bought his first guitar when he was fourteen years old. Influenced by great artists such as Jethro Tull, The Doobie Brothers, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, JJ Cale, Tony Joe White, Tori Amos, Mike Oldfield, The Black Crowes, Jamiroquai and many more. E-Li grew up surrounded by great music which influenced how he wrote and composed his songs.

In his late teens E-Li spent a period of time under the wing of the great Frank Merryman of the BelCanto school of singing in Dublin city. Through that time E-Li was thought the true meaning of the way songs should be approached. Later in E-Li’s music career, he immersed himself in many different styles of song eventually finding his own unique voice. This voice is now embedded within each carefully crafted piece written by E-Li.

Working with Stuart Gray of Jealoustown Studios (producer) and Mark Cahill of Mark Cahill Productions (co-producer), each songs grew to be the songs they are now. Working alongside these very experienced musicians and producers E-Li was given a true lesson in the art of recording an album in all its entirety. A true thank you goes out to Stuart and Mark for their input and hard work. Especially to Stuart as without his input and long grindstone hours of hard work alongside E-Li this project would not have been the same or possible.

E-Li being such a perfectionist in everything he approaches in his music meant that nothing was left out or compromised. If something had to be done, it was simply done no matter what it took. All E-Li’s persistance in the end paid off with the finished product being something he is proud of.

Now, with the release of his stunning debut EP “Fix Me”, E-Li is set to make a huge splash on the Irish and international music scene.